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Client Testimonials

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Thank u for all the coordinations. Great effort put by the brothers. Loved all the planning and work done by u guys. Looking forward for albums and I know those will be beautiful. Outstanding photography skills. Amazing experience.

Anil Panda

Great involvement and dedication towards their work, well behaved, above all they make the surrounding so comfortable so that people don’t get cautious and ultimately the pics comes so natural, candid and fabulous.

Maheswari Panda

Best wedding photographer in Berhampur Odisha. Shot my wedding. Professional . Creative and super fun guys to be with. And they delivered my video much before time.

Subhrajeeta Nayak

About Us

We believe capturing the important life emotion for your diverse occasion which will be pre-wedding, wedding, birth photography and make your unforgettable movement more memorable. once we click an attempt to understand a still from the moments you enjoy and switch it into a gorgeous memory. We are collecting and accumulating various tokens of joy from your special days and supply you the simplest of experience, to treat your memories with the simplest of everything.

We are a team hooked in to clicking the simplest moments of your life. allow us to assist you preserve your beautiful memories within the new chapter of your life. we offer good quality service with top quality raw materials which can be used for implementing your precious memories.

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Pre-Wedding Photography

Fashion Photography

Wedding Photography

Candid Photography

Kids Photography

Birthday Photography


Trust us completely with exquisite studios, fine equipment and customised prop arrangements, and quality wedding photography and video services creating your wedding memories to be cherished even after ages.

Our Team

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Rohan Rath

I’m a Photogtapher. Basically our studio is at Berhampur, Odisha. RR Fhotography for me isn’t looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re watching , then you’re never getting to get others to feel anything once they check out your pictures.

You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring back the act of photography all the photographs you’ve got seen, the books you’ve got read, the music you’ve got heard, the people you’ve got loved.

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